Frequently asked questions

The Pinecrest Event Center is the newest location to house your special event. Here are the answers to the questions we are being asked. Let us know if you have any additional we can address.
  1. What are my rental options?
    The Pinecrest Event Center has three reception halls. The South Hall has 1,800 sq. ft., followed by the North Hall at 4,500 sq. ft. The Center Hall has 19,500 sq. ft. You can rent one room or the entire event center (based on availability).
  2. Can we select our own caterer?
    The Pinecrest Event Center is open to using the caterer of your choice. All caterers must complete a service agreement application prior to the event as well as a certificate of insurance.
  3. Can we select our own band, DJ or orchestra?
    We welcome any local band or DJ to our establishment. Power needs vary from reception hall to reception hall so make sure your band has contacted us about what power is available.
  4. Do you allow alcohol in your venue?
    No outside alcohol is permitted into the venue, however we have a licensed/insured caterer that is the only entity allowed to provide alcohol at our venue.
  5. Can we set up our event the day before?
    All rentals are only for the days contracted. If you need additional days to setup for your event, you will have to pay at the standard rate for those rooms.
  6. What are your restroom facilities like?
    The Pinecrest Event center has 7 ladies stalls, 3 gentlemen stalls and 3 urinals. In addition, we have two family bathrooms that are ADA accessible for both men and women. In our mother's lounge we have a baby diaper changing room as well as changing tables in the gentleman's bathroom.